Online Student Resources for Nursing

Nursing school is known for its rigorous academic demands. Challenging material taught in an accelerated program may require enormous amounts of at-home study time; for this reason, many nursing students are hitting the books up to 20 hours per week.

Professional online resources can assist with your studies and make nursing school less stressful. While the following list is not comprehensive, it illustrates some of the free and low-cost options that help nursing students understand classroom concepts, create professional relationships, and find the perfect job after graduation.

Academic Tools

  • Student Nurse Connections: Developed by a nursing instructor, this website is designed to help students gain a better grasp of complex concepts. Topical information sections include assessment, care plans, ethics, fundamentals, informatics, and other care strategies, as well as information particular to patient populations like critical care or geriatrics. A practice NCLEX test question is posted weekly.
  • This website, designed for student and practicing nurses, is packed with informative articles. Communication forums where students discuss their questions with practicing nurses and other students are also available, as are free webinars.
  • The Ultimate Student Nurse Survival Guide: This membership-based resource aspires to teach students how to think like nurses. Study guides, worksheets, testing modules, and a busy interactive forum provide up-to-date knowledge and preparation for NCLEX boards. Subscription fees range from $6.95 per month to $19.95 for four months.
  • Free Nurse Tutor: Self-paced interactive learning on an array of topics complements traditional classroom study. Assessment, charting processes, medication and IVs, cardiovascular systems, growth and development, psychiatric nursing, and safety practices are some of the available study models.

Student Networking

  • National Student Nurses Association: Professional development begins in nursing school, and this membership-based organization ushers students into the field with leadership opportunities at local chapters, online career guidance, resume development assistance and NCLEX review sessions.
  • This is a networking community for students, newly graduated nurses and experienced veterans. Over 700,000 members peruse and contribute articles on typical scenarios in day-to-day nursing, offering tips and strategies for managing tricky situations. Recent topics ranged from “Gross Things Nurses Do” to “What Exactly Do Physicians Do?” to “Are You Afraid of ___­ on the Job?”
  • New Careers in Nursing: The NCIN Network opens channels of communication between nursing students and working members. Professional RNs are teamed with students and serve as mentors, helping students cross the bridge from theory into application. Mentors and mentees often go on to create lifelong professional relationships.
  • Sigma Theta Tau: This professional nursing organization offers mentoring opportunities for students. While local Sigma Theta Tau chapters may offer in-person mentoring, distance-based programs are also available.

Career Resources

  • National League for Nursing: This organization is made up of professional nurse educators. Its ‘Nursing Careers’ page offers a wealth of links that explore career options, personal experiences, and professional organizations.
  • AACN Career Resource Center: The American Association of Colleges of Nursing provides comprehensive career advice for recent nursing school graduates. Topics include resume samples, interviewing advice, mentorship relationships and practical information on finding the job best suited to you. Links to job search engines are also listed.
  • This website offers plenty of information for aspiring nurses. Detailed descriptions of common nursing positions are broken down in free webinars. Alternative careers such as military nursing, medical writing, forensic nursing and flight nursing are also discussed.

As shown by this list, there are many online resources devoted to helping nursing students grow in practical knowledge and develop professional contacts. If you have found these sites helpful and would like to explore more opportunities, Google returns over 95 million hits for “nursing student resources” websites.